From The Resa

Building Self-Esteem

Poor self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence are, for the most part, the very same problem.

What’s at play here? A fear of rejection! . . .

So fear is your assailant. Love is the antidote. Whenever you become aware of fear trying to throw you back into old, negative patterns, know that Sugmad, the ECK, and the Mahanta do love you. In recognition of this divine love, sweetly sing one of the holy names. This will gradually let you love yourself and build self-esteem.

—Sri Harold Klemp, A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2, pp. 85-6

Recently I was talking to a friend who was recounting his lack of health. Old patterns of difficulty continued, despite countless doctors’ visits and the resulting unsuccessful implementation of recommendations suggested.

As we talked, he wondered how to muster up the necessary optimism to continue pursuing health. Was there any answer; would this condition continue haunting him?

In the book, The Language of Soul, Sri Harold writes: “Every problem contains a solution. The key is self-discipline and surrender of the mental habits to the Holy Spirit.”

This fall I noticed I had a finger injury to my right middle finger. I began waking up and noticing my right middle finger wasn’t moving as well as my left middle finger. As time went on, pain began to accompany the lack of mobility in the right-hand middle finger. Was I developing arthritis? Was this inevitable, due to aging? Which finger would be next?

I decided to let go of fear and take stock of what was going on instead. I searched for the cause. It boiled down to golfing. Every time I golfed, the finger hurt more. I could even feel the impact of certain shots sending pain to the finger.

I googled “middle finger pain because of golf” and discovered that many golfers have this condition.

Talking to my younger son about this, he suggested I go to a local doctor and find out what was going on. He suggested a chiropractor that both of us trust. Immediately I recognized the “golden tongued wisdom,” which is for me the ECK or Holy Spirit speaking through someone else, in this case—my son.

That very day I was able to get an appointment. The chiropractor held my finger and moved it around, asking what kind of pain I was noticing. He didn’t need an x-ray to know that I had arthritis in the finger. He also told me that arthritis wasn’t due to aging; but rather due to inflammation that was being caused by my swing.

It happened that he was also a golfer and showed me how to tape up the finger and alter my swing so my middle finger could avoid the stress I was placing on it as I swung the club. “If you could learn to alter your swing, you can keep playing golf” was his advice.

I began that very day to change my golf grip so that my middle finger on the right hand was free from the rigors of my swing. It took a while, but I learned how to create a new swing that could effectively strike the ball without the middle finger feeling the pain.

I also watched videos of finger rehabilitation on YouTube, and began squeezing playdough as a strengthening exercise. As I was squeezing the playdough, I also used an electronic mat that mimics the earth’s energies—like walking barefoot in the grass. Combining the mat and squeezing the playdough strengthened the muscles in my hand, improving the flexibility in my fingers and, most importantly, relieving the pain in my middle finger.

Over the next few weeks I noticed my finger getting back to normal, and my golf game was improving!

I believe that the success I had with my finger injury, and the lack of success my friend is having, has a lot to do with self-confidence. My self-confidence is due to the spiritual practices I have learned in the teaching of Eckankar. I do my spiritual exercises, such as singing the holy word HU. I am also an ECK student and seriously study my Spiritual Living discourses.

Finally, I put much trust and effort into listening to my Inner Guidance, and I don’t hesitate in implementing the insights that I receive. I have confidence that good things will happen and imagine the best conditions possible.


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