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From the RESA

From the RESA is an ongoing column featured in each issue of Sound from the Mountain written by

RESA Mike Smith to chelas in Arkansas.

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Make a Donation

Arkansas Satsang Society Mission Fund (general fund) donations may cover any Satsang Society expenses, including Vahana efforts, ECK Center rent, etc. Donations to benefit a local area are normally used in that area, but the Board of Trustees reserves the right to reallocate as needed to fulfill the mission of ECK in Arkansas.

Or send donations to:

Arkansas-Satsang Society, Inc., A Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR

P.O. Box 1041
Mountain Home, AR 72654-1041

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Chela Events

Chela events provide exclusive opportunities for our Chelas to connect, learn, and engage in memorable experiences.

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A comprehensive list of ECK leaders in the Arkansas area.

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Spotlight on ECK

VAHANA STORIES from the afternoon session of the 2023 Arkansas Regional ECK Chela Conference

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